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What our Customers say
"The Ringcad software is so easy to use that any member of our sales staff can successfully sell a custom ring using Ringcad."
"The Ringcad software is a talking point; we find our customers tell friends about this amazing service, with the result that we get the referral business."
"The Ringcad software helps you cut to the chase when describing a new ring design."
"The images from the Ringcad engagement ring design software can be easily manipulated and viewed from any direction. It's as if you were holding the finished ring! Imagine how many sketches that would take."
"The Ringcad software manages our customer's expectations."
"The limitless variety of ring designs available through Ringcad means that you can 'virtually' increase your stock of rings, without it costing you a penny."
"A picture paints a thousand words! Ringcad saves you time and effort."
"I've been a professional jeweller for 20 years and I have found nothing that compares to the Ringcad software in simplicity or effectiveness in selling rings. Ringcad is brilliant it makes my job so much simpler, after my free trial ended I realised just how good it is."
"Ringcad wows customers!"
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You can now watch the Ringcad engagement ring design software program in action by simply clicking on the view demo option in the menu bar. The short video shows the Ringcad engagement ring design software program being used to design a seven stone, white and yellow gold wedding ring.
You can now download the Ringcad engagement ring design software program online.
Once you order one of our easy 'Pay as you Go' payment options you will automatically be emailed a Serial Key and you will have Ringcad up and running within minutes.
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"A picture paints a thousand words" especially when it's 3D and immediate.
This easy to use, purpose built, sales tool for the professional retail jeweller; utilises cutting edge 3D, graphics to provide stunning, realistic color images of over a million different ring combinations, with just a flick of the mouse. Giving you more time for closing the sale than sketching the ring!
Many of our customers have specially set-aside areas within their showrooms, with comfortable seating and well positioned computer screens on which to watch the rings take shape.
View our online Demos to see how easy and quick it really is and why so many professional Retail Jewellers use Ringcad as their preferred custom ring design and sales tool.
Faster with greater flexibility of design and a staggering array of new features, this phenomenal new software offers significantly greater functionality and a broader choice of options:
A wedding ring taken from the wedding ring design section

* Wedding rings

* Engagement rings

* Friendship rings

* Solitaire to multi-stone

* Stone and ring sizing

* Plus Check out our new prices!!

Easily design engagement and wedding rings in front of your customers!!!

Order now and be the first in your area to have this amazing new software sales tool!!!

Ringcad is a unique, simple to use, revolutionary software programme. It provides the retail jeweller with the simplest yet most advanced tool for describing and selling custom rings.
Design thousands of different rings in front of your customers, with just the flick of a mouse. No more waiting weeks for drawn sketches and potentially losing the sale.
Developed in conjunction with professional jewellers. Ringcad is the product of intense collaboration between our developers and a team of experienced jewellers. The aim was to create an efficient easy to use software programme which would render hand sketched examples obsolete, and allow a more accurate image of the desired ring in three dimensions

A diamond and white gold engagement ring taken from the engagement ring design section

ruby and diamond engagement ring taken from the engagement ring section

Monthly License ~ Try out Ringcad for a month and see just how effective the Ringcad engagement ring design software program really is.

Order a monthly license now and find out for yourself.

Simple to use ~ its simple to use mouse driven interface requires little to no training allowing any member of your sales staff to design and sell custom rings effectively.  All the components listed in the Ringcad Library are standard and can be easily and quickly sourced from most reputable manufacturers.
Saves time and effort ~ design the perfect ring for your customer in a matter of seconds. It's simple to use and requires no training, just use the mouse to select from a ‘library' of:  stones, settings, shanks and metals and within a matter of seconds your customer can see a high quality three dimensional colour image of the ring.
Increase Profits ~ the speed and efficiency with which the Ringcad software can be used dramatically decreases the time you spend on designing a custom ring, allowing you more time to concentrate on the sale. Its impressive visual impact “wows” customers and increases referrals. With potentially millions of ring designs available on Ringcad, it's as if you have a limitless supply of stock without the cost or storage, all conveniently available with just a flick of a mouse.
Tried and trusted ~ many successful jewellers throughout the world have already discovered the amazing benefits of using Ringcad.  For many it has revolutionised their approach to selling custom rings as they can now offer their customer's a specialised service for designing, quickly and efficiently. Many have specially set-aside areas within their showrooms, with comfortable seating and well positioned computer screens on which to watch the rings take shape.
"The Ringcad software has made a big difference in the way we now sell rings, not only in terms of saving time and effort but also in helping our customers create designs they love. The two plasma screens installed in our shop windows with Ringcad running, have certainly attracted the interest of passing custom."
Charles, Ace of Diamonds, Hatton Garden, London
"Having successfully relied on sketched ring designs in the past, I always found that customers were never quite sure what the finished ring would look like. With the Ringcad software this is no longer a concern. Our customers know what they are getting, short of putting the ring on their finger; what they see on Ringcad is what they get. This certainly has taken the worry and pressure off us and helps us manage our customer's expectations in a way we couldn't have done before."
Lorraine Law, Perth, Scotland

"Based in Palma, Mallorca, our clientele are from a wide variety of nationalities. This can cause difficulties when describing a custom ring, however because the Ringcad software is such a powerful visual sales tool it overcomes the language barrier, without confusion. It is absolutely amazing."
Ran Cohen, The Diamond Factory, Palma, Mallorca

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