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NAG member (National Association fo Goldsmiths) Michael Payne of Payne & Son Ltd told us "We have been using Ringcad for approximately a month and have had several sales, more than recouping the money we had invested."

Michael Payne of Payne & Son (Silversmiths) Tunbridge Wells using Ringcad with Steve Gomesz, Marketing Director and Tristan Mcvean, Inventor of Ringcad


Ringcad Ltd manufactures advanced virtual reality, three dimensional, high resolution, colour graphics software programmes for the professional retail jewellery industry.
Unlike other CAD software manufacturers, Ringcad has specialised in providing effective software solutions for the Retail jeweller specifically, in contrast to most other CAD manufacturers whose software is primarily directed at the jewellery manufacturer.
From its early origins as a bespoke software development company specialising in the relatively new fields of virtual reality and 3D graphic design, Ringcad has worked closely with professional jewellers in order to develop products for the retail jewellery industry. It became apparent that although their existed many specialist software products for the jewellery manufacturer none had been developed for the specific requirements of the professional retailer.
The initial development phase of Ringcad produced some basic prototypes which although lacking in much of the current sophistication, nevertheless proved immensely popular with the consulting jewellers who helped direct the product development. Three years later and after substantial investment of time and money Ringcad has emerged as a world leader in specialist retail jewellery sales software.
Although most of our future developments are still classified we can reveal that the Ringcad product will soon be enhanced with a wider range of options  and functionality as well as the production of some exciting new software add-ons that will significantly broaden its appeal. We are also in ongoing discussions with major suppliers and manufacturers in order to provide our customers with the very best and most cost effective solutions to selling custom jewellery.
Future prospects for Ringcad are especially exciting given that following our recent successful business developments; we are in the process of developing some exciting new products which will be launched next year.
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