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Here are some comments from customers using the Ringcad ring design software program.


"Ringcad has made a big difference in the way we now sell rings, not only in terms of saving time and effort but also in helping our customers create designs they love. The two plasma screens installed in our shop windows with Ringcad running, have certainly attracted the interest of passing custom."
Charles, Ace of Diamonds, Hatton Garden, London

"Having successfully relied on sketched ring designs in the past, I always found that customers were never quite sure what the finished ring would look like. With Ringcad this is no longer a concern. Our customers know what they are getting, short of putting the ring on their finger; what they see on Ringcad is what they get. This certainly has taken the worry and pressure off us and helps us manage our customer's expectations in a way we couldn't have done before."
Lorraine Law, Perth, Scotland

"Based in Palma, Mallorca, our clientele are from a wide variety of nationalities. This can cause difficulties when describing a custom ring, however because Ringcad is such a powerful visual sales tool it overcomes the language barrier, without confusion. It is absolutely fantastic."
Ran Cohen, The Diamond Factory, Palma, Mallorca

"In just one week I was able to sell 7 custom rings using Ringcad, this would previously have taken me several months, while sketches and paintings were prepared. But Ringcad is so fast and efficient I was able to complete the sales while the customers were still in the shop....all I need to do now is have the rings made up. "
J. Lee, The Diamond Boutique, Cheshire.

"I saw Ringcad at the IJL 2004 and bought the next day, that day I sold a diamond platinum ring using Ringcad......The Ringcad concept needs marketing with some vision and enthusiasm. You should look to demonstrating how your system can add a new profit stream to the Jeweller. Showing them how to make more profit and expand their market is a sure fine winner. "
L. Wright, Worcs.

"I enjoy using Ringcad with my customers not only because its quick and easy and they know what they're getting but also just to watch their faces when they first see Ringcad.... "
J. Thompson, Southampton.

"I cant believe how easy it is to use..... "
L. Clarke, Free Lance, Hampshire.

"This is going to really help."
G. Valerio, Cred, W, Sussex.

"We arranged a home party with some gemstones, some sample jewellery and Ringcad, one person had turned up with the itention of only buying some loose stones, while using Ringcad he saw a ring and said, 'That is exactly the ring I have been looking for for my wife'. He ordered it there and then."
Affinity Gems Ltd, Brighton, E Sussex

"This is no fad its here to stay... ."



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