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Press Release: Spring Fair 2005, NEC, Birmingham.

Ringcad 2005 ring design software – Probably the most powerful sales tools ever developed for the professional Retail Jeweller. This latest software offering from Ringcad Ltd promises to change the custom ring market forever.

Ringcad v2.0 has already made a significant and tangible difference to the jewellery industry. But that's all about to change!

The easy to use Ringcad2005 ring design software program will be launched at the NEC Spring Fair from 6-10 February and promises to change the designing and selling of custom rings forever !

Designed by Jewellers for Jewellers, Ringcad Ltd manufactures advanced virtual reality, three dimensional, high resolution, colour graphics software programmes specifically for the professional retail jewellery industry. The Ringcad range of software has been developed by Ringcad's design and development team using the advice of a team of consulting jewellers in order to provide the simplest yet most advanced, cutting edge sales/design tool available.

The Ringcad programme is a unique, simple to use, mouse driven programme, which requires minimum keyboard input and little to no training; ensuring that even the most ardent technophobe will enjoy creating beautiful rings in seconds. Ringcad 2005 has incorporated many of the feedback recommendations from Ringcad customers resulting in over 300 new design options and a staggering array of diverse design features resulting in a quantum difference between the original v2.0 software and the new Ringcad 2005 programme.

Ringcad was originally developed to help the retail jeweller sell custom rings more efficiently by utilising modern technology. A picture paints a thousand words and more importantly helps the jeweller cut to the chase when describing and selling a conceptual ring design to a customer, in real time. No more waiting weeks for drawn sketches and potentially losing the sale. Ringcad's advanced programme enables the user to design thousands of different rings, in front of the customer, with just the flick of a mouse. Print and save functions will allow the user to print a high quality realistic image of the ring.

Ringcad provides the user with a variety of choices of: gemstones, settings, metals and shanks from which to create that special ring. However Ringcad 2005 now offers a breathtaking new multi-stone wedding bands section as well as an almost limitless variety of solitaire and multi-stone engagement and friendship rings as well as an amazing new sizing function..

“Our customers have found Ringcad v2.o to be an invaluable and very profitable tool when describing and selling a custom ring to a prospective buyer. However we were aware of some shortcomings which have now been fully addressed in the Ringcad 2005. It is still as simple as ever to use; the key to its success, as it allows an interactive approach to quickly and efficiently designing a custom ring according to the customer's preferences. It's as if you were already showing them the finished article!” Steve Gomesz, Marketing Director


Contact: Steve Gomesz, Sales & Marketing Director.

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