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The Ringcad easy to use engagement and wedding ring design software Program

Ringcad saves time and effort. No more relying on sketches or waiting weeks for painted pictures; immediate real time images can be designed, saved and printed within minutes, delighting your customer and reducing the risk of a lost sale.

The breathtaking and incredibly realistic images generated by the Ringcad software program allow the user to easily manipulate the image in any plain, and thus view the product from any angle. It's as if you were holding and inspecting the finished article.

With thousands of potential variations in: stones, settings, shanks and metals available, Ringcad ensures that a limitless number of rings can be designed, giving the customer an unrivalled choice.

Ringcad's intuitive interface is primarily mouse driven therefore requires minimum keyboard input. It is incredibly simple too use and requires little to no training. Just install the software on a suitable computer, enter the Ringcad program and within seconds you will find yourself designing beautiful rings.

"a picture paints a thousand words!"


Using the Ringcad engagement and wedding ring design software program

Many of our customers have specially set-aside areas within their showrooms, with comfortable seating and well positioned computer screens on which to watch the rings take shape.

Simply guide the customer through the choice of stone/s, settings, shanks, and metal. Once the perfect ring has been chosen, simply click on save. Complete the appraisal form, including customer details and jewellers notes for manufacture, and then save all the information for future use. The print option allows the image of the ring to be printed on high quality photographic paper for the customer to keep. Its then just a matter of ordering the components and making the ring ready for the customer to collect.

Ringcad is an invaluable tool for anyone with an interest in providing a high quality jewellery design service for their customers.

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Minimum requirements

Please ensure that the computer on which Ringcad will be installed complies with or exceeds the following minimum operating requirements.

Windows 98se, 98, NT, 2000, Me or XP.

1.5 ghz Processor

256 mb RAM memory

32mb Graphics card

Display screen which is capable of 1024 x 768 resolution - compulsory

If you are unsure as to whether your computer can run Ringcad please contact us.

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